Module 6: Effective checking for today’s game
March 20, 2021
Module 8: Developing great netminders
March 20, 2021

Module 7: Construct and grow a winning program

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Module 7: Construct and grow a winning program.

How do you build a successful and sustainable hockey program? This workshop is open to coaches and team managers of all levels. It examines and explores the five proven techniques in build successful teams that can be incorporated in to your new or current hockey program and sheds light on how recruit, retain players and coaches to compete and improve performance on a consistent basis.

Topics covered:

Reviewing your current program


Player evaluation

Developing talent and work ethic

Creating a culture

Creating an identity

This module now counts towards 6 CPD points for EIHA coach recertification

*Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and a notification will be sent to their National Association/Federation as evidence they have attended the workshop.
Webinar Requirements:
  • Good broadband connection
  • Mobile phone for interactive polls and surveys
Hockey Association

BISHA, BRHA, Denmark, Ukraine, Other


Sun 17/10/21 @ 16:00 GMT

1 review for Module 7: Construct and grow a winning program

  1. Ferhat Tozunler

    Excellent content covered by Pete, which is very useful for the clubs, associations that are working on their development programs, as well as individual coaches and team officials. Recruitment matters and here you could find a good discussion about how it is not only gaining players and people but also retain them and develop your successful and sustainable program through creating a culture and identity for your participants. The whole inline coach education program of AHDUK would provide a core content for your coach development program or self improvement. Similarities between inline hockey and ice hockey mentioned during the modules, makes this program valuable for also ice hockey people, clubs and associations. Strongly recommended.

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