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March 20, 2021
Module 7: Construct and grow a winning program
March 20, 2021

Module 6: Effective checking for today’s game

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Module 6: Effective checking for today’s game.

Is body checking the most effective way to gain possession of the puck/ball in todays game? Pete Winn will present examples of how to teach body contact using the four-step progressions required to teach players the correct techniques for receiving and making stick and body checks the safe way, the efficient way, the correct way.

Topics covered:

Identify checking skills

What makes a good checker


Body contact vs checking

Teaching checking fundamentals

Designing drills to tech effective checking

This module now counts towards 6 CPD points for EIHA coach recertification

*Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and a notification will be sent to their National Association/Federation as evidence they have attended the workshop.
Webinar Requirements:
  • Good broadband connection
  • Mobile phone for interactive polls and surveys
Hockey Association

BISHA, BRHA, Denmark, Ukraine, Other


Sun 03/10/21 @ 16:00 GMT

3 reviews for Module 6: Effective checking for today’s game

  1. Tony Knock

    Great coverage of all elements of contact including Position/Angling, Body Contact, Body Checking and Stick Checking. As always great use of slides, interaction and video to educate coaches – A few decent drills shared too, including the Grenade Drill!

  2. André Poddubny

    Checking and body contact are critical for skater hockey and set it apart from other hockey versions. The capability to check effectively without violating the rules of the game and/or injuring your opponent is crucial to winning games. This module went to its core and provides coaches with a many practical drills to teach it. This webinar is a great investment.

  3. Andrew Rae (verified owner)

    I attended this thinking it was only body checking however that was only one of the components as it covered stick checking and body contact in depth. I found this very useful

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