Module 4: Developing Hockey IQ!
March 20, 2021
Module 6: Effective checking for today’s game
March 20, 2021

Module 5: Teaching Tactics

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Module 5: Teaching Tactics.

During the game, you can use certain tactics to outsmart your opponents. Using tactics could mean the difference between winning and losing but do your players understand them? In this workshop coaches will explore the individual offensive and defensive skills required to teach basic to advanced team tactics that will help to prepare your team for those big games.

Topics covered:

Identify Offensive and Defensive Tactics

Understanding team play systems

Explore types of hockey systems

The four-step process to effectively teach tactics

Designing drills to develop team play

Teaching special teams play

This module now counts towards 6 CPD points for EIHA coach recertification

*Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and a notification will be sent to their National Association/Federation as evidence they have attended the workshop.
Webinar Requirements:
  • Good broadband connection
  • Mobile phone for interactive polls and surveys
Hockey Association

BISHA, BRHA, Denmark, Ukraine, Other


22/08/2021 @ 16:00 GMT

1 review for Module 5: Teaching Tactics

  1. Tony Knock

    A great session once again squeezing in some high level learning in a 3 hour session suitable for all levels of coaching. Initially the module underlines the important of strategy and when it should be applied to a players career. As the module continues it then delves into subjects such as Transitioning, Attack Waves, Gap Control etc. The course also refers back to previous modules to ensure past learnings are fresh in the coaches minds as they progress through the remaining modules.

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