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February 13, 2021
Module 5: Teaching Tactics
March 20, 2021

Module 4: Developing Hockey IQ!

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Module 4: Developing Hockey IQ!

What is the difference between average players and the top performers in our game? It is their ability to read the game and have the awareness to anticipate plays, being in the right position at the right time or making that perfect pass. This workshop will explore the ways we can teach players to develop their hockey IQ through a series of drills and creative games designed to improve their performance.

Topics covered:

  • Identifying Inline hockey playing skills
  • Teaching good Habits
  • Developing drills for attacking play
  • Developing drills for defensive play
  • Understanding the four player roles
  • Teaching problem solving through small area games
  • This module now counts towards 6 CPD points for EIHA coach recertification
*Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and a notification will be sent to their National Association/Federation as evidence they have attended the workshop.
Webinar Requirements:
  • Good broadband connection
  • Mobile phone for interactive polls and surveys
Hockey Association

BISHA, BRHA, Denmark, Ukraine, Other



2 reviews for Module 4: Developing Hockey IQ!

  1. Tony Knock

    Ability alone will not set you for success, this module underlines the importance of coaching players to develop their decision making, game understanding and anticipation of patterns/plays.

  2. Jamie Guscott

    Very informative session. I enjoyed the open discussions and the opportunity to learn from others within the geoup. The webinars are full of experienced coaches from around the world.

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