February 18, 2021
AHDUK Launch Inline Coach Education Program
February 22, 2021

We are excited to announce that AHDUK will be working in partnership with BISHA, Danish Skater hockey and the Ukrainian Federation of Roller Hockey to deliver a Coach Education Program for skater hockey.

AHDUK will deliver a series of interactive webinars that will facilitate the growth and development of coaches and hockey players from beginners, intermediate to advanced levels. Coaches from the world of ice hockey are welcome to join if they would like to gain more knowledge and sharing ideas on player development with our friends in the inline skater hockey world.

BISHA President Tony Knock said

“We are delighted to offer this coaching certification to our BISHA members. The certification will develop our coaches, but also contribute significantly to player performance, improve rink/bench conduct to support officials and provide fans with a higher level of hockey to watch. The certification caters for both rookie coaches keen to learn and acts as a welcome refresher for experienced coaches who probably do not realise how much knowledge they carry. The certification is very well structured and underpinned by the Hockey Coach Vision platform which is also one of the many tools we are embracing in the New BISHA era. A massive thank you to Pete Winn, this is big step forward for everyone associated with inline hockey!”

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